Rules of my full perm textures

✔ Please respect the hours I spend making them and I am taking a big risk by giving my work full-perm, so please follow the rules. By buying this you agree to my rules:

✔ No money back because they are full-perm and no matter what you can have them and use them for ever.

✔ You are not allowed to give my textures to anyone else, they are only intended to be used by you. You may apply them to your mesh objects and sell the objects, but you may not sell, resell or transfer my textures to anyone else, not even to you alternate accounts. Also, you are not allowed to use any of my textures to any other game, besides SL.

✔ You are allowed to modify any of my full-perm textures, but when you apply them to the mesh object, then you must turn-off then transfer permissions of the mesh object before selling it.

✔ You are not allowed to sell your textured mesh object cheaper than L$99 (one texture at a time is the price for, so 2 texture together 99+50 for each texture you add and so on). This also means that you cannot give it away as a freebie. 

✔ You are not allowed to sell your textured mesh object cheaper than L$150 for the Aesthetic texture. (one texture at a time not many in one box at L$150)

✔ In case you are caught braking any of the above rules, Linden Labs will be informed immediately so they will remove my items and all mesh objects using them from your inventory and from the inventories of those who have taken it from you.

✔ Any of my textures that cost more than 10L$  cannot be used for group or free gifts. Less than 10L$ you may use them for a group gift or hunts.


I preserve the right to change any or all of the above rules at any time without a prior notice